5 Factors to Consider Before Booking Wedding Transportation

One of the top wedding trends for 2024 is the non-wedding wedding. It’s all about breaking from tradition, including casual, family-style food, smaller bridal parties, more personal decor, etc.

However, if you’ve always dreamed of having a traditional Tulsa wedding, there’s no need to follow the non-wedding wedding trend. It’s your big day, plus trends come and go anyway, so you might as well do what you like.

Now, if you’re already deep into planning, you may be evaluating transportation options. If you’re considering wedding bus transportation, be sure to consider these factors first.

1. Is Bus Transportation Your Best Option?

In Tulsa, the top three wedding transportation options are white limousines, shuttle buses, and 20-passenger Hummers.

Deciding the best choice will depend on what vibe you’re going for. If it’s classic elegance, opt for white limousines.

For something practical and convenient, you can’t go wrong with renting a bus. Lastly, if your goal is to make a bold statement, then choose a 20-passenger Hummer.

2. Wedding Bus Transportation: Have You Checked if It’s Available?

Wedding planning can be extremely stressful. So, if you’ve decided on renting a bus, it’s crucial to book it six to eight months before your wedding.

You may need to book further in advance if your wedding falls on a big holiday weekend. In case no buses are available, it may be time to consider other transportation solutions.

3. Did You Ask Your Tulsa Wedding Vendors About Their Recommendations?

Working in the wedding industry, one typically needs to build a network to attract more clients. That means if you have a wedding planner, florist, venue coordinator, etc., you can ask them if they have a list of transport companies they’ve worked with before.

On the off-chance, a transport company is the first vendor you’re booking, you can still ask friends and family for their recommendations. You can also go online to see if the companies you’re considering have good reviews. Check their website, social media, etc., to get a feel for how they deal with customers.

4. How Long Do You Need Transport?

Regardless of what mode of transport you decide on, your costs will be cheaper if the driver only has to take you and the wedding party to one venue.

Of course, with multiple trips, you can expect to pay more. Be sure to clarify this with your transport provider before your special day. You don’t want your driver leaving for another event when you’ve assumed they’ll be there for the length of your wedding and reception.

5. Review Your Priorities

To avoid surprises on your big day, sit down with your partner to clarify your priorities.

Is it more important to have your wedding party be comfortable or do you think it’s better to make a big impact with your chosen ride? What’s your budget and will it cover the amenities you want?

Once you know your priorities, it’s easier to choose a transport provider who tries their best to exceed your expectations.

Are You Looking for the Best Transport Company in Tulsa?

From wedding bus transportation to bachelor/bachelorette to thirty-five passenger luxury shuttle., you can trust Galaxy Limousine to take care of all your transportation needs.

We’ve served Tulsa, OK, and surrounding areas since 1995. Don’t hesitate to request a quote or browse the site for more information.

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