The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Wedding Transportation

Planning your wedding is always a balancing act, requiring you to consider needs, desires, and budget.

The average cost of a wedding in America just hit $29,000 a pop, meaning that, for some, that latter consideration is increasingly important. Your wedding transportation for both yourself and your guests is one often overlooked aspect that encapsulates this balancing act perfectly.

You want to arrive for your most important day in style while making sure the needs of you and your guests are met, and without breaking the bank. To help you strike the right balance, here is our essential guide to getting your wedding car hire right, with minimal hassle.

Your Needs

You should always start by covering the exact needs that any wedding vehicle needs to meet. This includes the more obvious ones such as accessibility, access to the venue, and space for your own bridal train.

Then you’ll need to consider who will be using any chauffeured vehicle you wish to provide. Is it just the happy couple? The whole bridal party? All of the guests?

Making sure everyone who needs to can get to where they need to go should always be your first consideration when choosing a wedding car hire.

Your Budget

Transportation is one of those things that varies hugely, depending on the wedding car company you choose, what you book, and how you book.

Naturally, always book as far ahead of time as possible to save money, since many services will become fully booked ahead of the peak wedding season. Remember that the distance traveled will have a significant impact on the final bill.

You can choose to save money for a more luxurious vehicle by, say, only using that vehicle for transport to the wedding venue, rather than the reception. Don’t forget to account for any gratuities or potential overtime fees in your final budget.

Your Style

Now, let’s not forget about another crucial factor – your own personal desires.

This is your most special day, and it’s understandable that you might want to arrive at it in a manner of your choosing. Does that mean a private, classic chauffeured vehicle or towncar? Does it mean a sleek limousine?

Are you more concerned with being with a large party, in which case a premium bus might be your best option?

Don’t forget to consider things like in-car amenities or luxury add-ons that will add comfort to your important yet often nerve-racking journey. Think about what it is you truly want, as this will help guide your final choice of wedding car driver.

Tulsa Wedding Transportation for All Your Needs

While planning wedding transportation is always a balancing act, it does not always have to involve painful compromises or trade-offs, as long as you’re with the right service provider.

If you’re planning your dream wedding in the Tulsa area, you have come to the right place. At Galaxy Limousine, we offer all styles of wedding transportation to suit the needs of you and your party, always with the best possible value for money.

Request a quote day to find out exactly how we can help.

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